Courageously Created Worthy

Hey, long time no post!  Yeah…we’ll get there.  Site updates/upgrades still under construction too (no pun intended…seriously), because I have all the time and patience in the world–HA!  You can pretty well keep up with my life and the goings-on over in instagram world @futureformerfatpaster (  I have made some changes and my Facebook is private now and I am screening requests differently.  If you have questions regarding FB, send me a message privately and we can chat.

I did promise I would upload the accompanying PowerPoint from a women’s ministry workshop I presented this last weekend, and well, this is the best platform I can think of to do so.  *Assuming* I did it correctly, I’ve uploaded the PowerPoint and you can download it by clicking here:

Courageously Created Worthy

If you would like to watch the god-awful cell phone video shot at the most unflattering angle, completely amateur trimmed and edited to remove certain comments/questions to preserve the anonymity of the group, you can view it here:


Yes…it’s time to up my tech game.  Tell me something I don’t know.

More later.


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