Referral and Affiliate Program

If you like what you experience in Heart and Sole Fitness & Wellness’s programs and want to let others know, then I invite you to join my Referral Partner/Affiliate Program.

By partnering with me, you will create a passive income stream that will earn you a little or a lot of residual income. Commissions range from 10% to 25% on every workshop, program, and new individual contract.

I love my referral partners and affiliates, and you can be sure if someone calls me to ask questions and signs up for a program, I always make sure to find out who sent them. I believe that bigger is better when it comes to the commission checks I send out. By the way, there is no cost in becoming a referral partner or affiliate.

What It Means To Become A Referral Partner/Affiliate

A referral partner is someone who values the work that Heart and Sole Fitness & Wellness is doing to empower people to achieve their individual health and wellness goals through my programs and services, and who wants to be loud and proud about the transformation I am bringing. Referral partners have special link for posting.

Referral partners often partner with me to promote my intro events and invite people to attend. Tell me if you would like an event in your area or with your group!

I can supply you with content to promote the workshops and intro events. I am also available to be a guest of yours on a webinar, virtual meeting, or live group to introduce me to your community.

Becoming a referral partner means that you are welcome to place links on your site, social media, etc. that direct others to my website. I will provide you with banners, email text, newsletters, and service links.

Contact me at for whatever you need. When you are an affiliate, I will pay you for every purchase that a visitor makes directed from my site. My affiliate program software helps me easily track and report on visitors and sales.

How Do You Earn Commissions?

I appreciate you letting people know about the transformation I provide to empower people to achieve their goals. For that reason, I am happy to pay you commissions for your continued support.

You can earn commissions over and over (for the life of the client) by letting your community know about my events, programs, and services by sharing your special code that tracks people back to you while giving them a discount at the same time. If you want a custom code and link to track commissions back to you contact and let me know what you want to spread the word about Heart and Sole Fitness & Wellness!

Depending on the event, program, or service sold, you will earn a 10% to 25% commission for direct referrals.

Here are how the commissions break down:

25% of the fee paid for ($97 or above) the Movement, Mindset, and Menu for Momentum toward Your Goals Workshop (or any other comparable 3-hour workshop)

10% of the monthly fee for the Mindful Momentum Group Coaching Membership

10% commission paid on all 1:1 service contracts signed at website list price or custom created up to $1,500 value.

A flat fee of $150 in commission is paid on all 1:1 service contracts signed at website list price or custom created greater than $1,500 value.

NOTE: COMMISSIONS ARE PAID FOR THE LIFE OF THE CLIENT. LET ME PAY YOU COMMISSIONS ON MY REFERRALS FOR YEARS TO COME. (*Commissions do NOT apply to Mohave Community College Community Education classes or any other program in the future that you register through a third-party)

As a referral/affiliate partner you will receive a custom link or custom discount coupon code. This tracks any sales back to you.

Commissions are paid out by check or via PayPal quarterly. Your payments are sent out within 30 days of the conclusion of each quarter. Any questions regarding commissions will be promptly responded to. Contact for more information.