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Body Positive Personal Training, Nutrition Counseling, and Accountability Coaching for Individuals, Small Groups, and Businesses.

Every single person on earth is unique, and a healthy and whole person cares for their body physically, emotionally, and spiritually in different ways. All of the services at Heart and Sole aim to empower individuals with their personal goals.


Stephanie Lueras is a body positive certified personal trainer dedicated to working one-on-one in-person and online with specific client-created holistic goals to help them be the best they can be physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  There is no “one size fits all” approach to fitness.  Using different activities, interests, modalities of exercise, and adaptations, we will work together to create a program that is beneficial and enjoyable for you.  An enjoyment of exercise and movement is attainable for people of all ages, abilities, and sizes.  Let’s find what’s right for you. 

Nutrition Counseling

“I’m moving and consistent with exercise, but I’m just not quite feeling how I want to feel.” Sometimes dialing in the food choices we are making alongside our exercise plans are exactly what we need to fuel our journey. Let’s talk to see what services might be a good fit for you.

What Am I Doing?

Heart and Sole Fitness & Wellness

Based in Lake Havasu City, AZ, USA, but all services are available virtually as well for convenience and accessibility.

Do you have questions about any of the services offered? Please reach out to Stephanie Lueras! Hours of operation are flexible based on client needs, except no Sunday appointments will be made available.

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