VIP Experience

Sustainable habit change happens through small, incremental steps that snowball over time.  They fit our lifestyle.  They fit our calendar.  They fit our tastes.  They fit our families.  But sometimes the start of even the smallest of those habit changes leaves us stuck in the planning phase—do you ever feel like you’re always “getting ready to get ready?”

A VIP Experience with Heart and Sole Fitness & Wellness is tailored exactly toward empowering you to BE ready to thrive in accomplishing your goals.

Ever dream of having someone come alongside you to tackle a big task that is holding you back from successfully getting started in changing a habit?  Sometimes those barriers that seem impossible on our own can be knocked out of the way when you have the support of an expert alongside for the ride.  What might that look like?

  • Organizing the kitchen (pantry, fridge, freezer), creating a grocery list and recipe library of recipes friendly for you/your household and your lifestyle, shopping together (or online grocery shopping, per client preference) for food and needed kitchen tools
  • Creating a flexible and realistic rotating menu that fits your schedule/lifestyle and cooking abilities, prepping ingredients/snacks/meals, learning (or refining) new cooking techniques to broaden abilities, developing the tools and resources you need to do this on your own regularly
  • Support in sorting through your wardrobe, keeping items that fit and are comfortable, helping you to decide what to do (donate/sell) with discarded items, and shop together locally/in-person for wardrobe pieces that fit, flatter, and are comfortable for the body that you have now
  • Organizing and setting up a space in your home, office, or other space dedicated to movement, meditation, or other forms of self-care, ensuring safety of equipment, helping to make sure equipment is appropriate for your goals and needs, and work together to establish self-care, movement, nutrition, prayer/meditation, or other supportive practices
  • The sky is (almost) the limit…there’s a lot we can accomplish together to tear down the barrier that’s holding you back from getting started moving toward where you want to be.  As I say, ANYTHING is possible.  Make sure to schedule a discussion today and let’s see what a VIP Experience can look like for you.

This isn’t to be confused with a “New Years Resolution” or a new diet plan where everything gets overhauled overnight—this couldn’t be further from the patterns of restrictive commercial diet culture!  This is taking what you have—YOU—and your lifestyle and ensuring you have the tools and resources close at hand that as you start to employ the actionable steps you choose to take in your growth, you have the sustainable systems around you for lasting change and success in whatever habits you’re working on. (Support without restrictive rules=accountability; restriction/food rules/programs=diet…see any number of my podcasts for the differentiation!)

VIP Experiences are available in-person and virtually, half day (4-hour) or full day (7-hour), and travel is negotiable for in-person experiences outside of Mohave County, AZ. Multi-day options available too.

Why wait another day looking around and planning to get ready?  Take the first action and set up a call today to chat about the possibilities for your VIP Experience!