Breaking Point

That’s it! I’m getting a t-shirt that says, “It’s God’s business, not yours.”

I reached a boiling point last night where I was very bitter and angry over what seems like a constant barrage of unsolicited advice.  My head was going to explode.  The straw that broke the camel’s back was a statement that in order to be healthy you need to cut all grain out of your diet. (um, no)  It seems like once someone finds out you’re losing weight, they are automatically a health expert and are THE authority on what you should, and more often, what you shouldn’t, put in your body.  It’s coming at me from all sides–in person, online, from friends, from complete strangers that don’t know my food struggles, and from people that have zero business minding my food when they don’t have their act together.

Here’s the deal.  I don’t believe in deprivation.  I don’t believe in cutting out white flour or sugar or eliminating carbs or grains or dairy or this or that and the other thing from my diet.  I know from past experience FOR ME AND ONLY ME that when I cut out those things, they become an obsession to the point of unhealthiness.  My food is my food.  Why yes, I will eat that piece of cake (if it is reasonable within my eating plan for the day), and I’m going to savor it! (and boy, that lemon cake we had for dessert when we ate out on Monday night was divine–and I was able to eat it because I chose a healthy option for dinner and not the burger and fries that I really wanted) What’s working for me is working for me at this time.  Will it change?  Who knows…I don’t hold a crystal ball.  What works for you, works for you–and that is awesome, keep up the good work.

Like I mentioned a couple posts ago, I’m clinging back at the basics to avoid another plateau.  It may not outwardly show, but I am agonizingly scrutinizing every single crumb that I put in my mouth.  I am shamelessly begging God to continually show and approve what is good and edifying to and for me at every single moment of every single day and give me the power to resist what is not.  I am working to honor God with my body, for it is His creation, and will follow His leading and guidance. Period.

Does that mean that I won’t listen to others? Of course not.  I read the articles and listen to the science behind all these things and make educated decisions on whether it is chasing rainbows and unicorns or not.  I speak frankly with health care providers and have dialogue on what is right and what isn’t.  My point is, if you haven’t been invited to the conversation, there’s probably a reason, so…remember it’s an A and B conversation and C yourself out (please and thank you).  And I promise, when I need and want advice and input, I will ask.

To all the naysayers out there, whine away.  You’re not shaking my resolve.  I’ve got a higher authority going to bat for me this time around and I’m not alone.  God’s got this one.

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