First, let’s party!  I finally busted my three-week plateau and lost another 5 pounds, bringing my grand total to 40 pounds lost!

Okay, party’s over.

At this part I started to write something negative, and chose to delete it.  If it’s not edifying to me, it’s not edifying to you.  Let’s try this again.

Like I mentioned in my last post, I’ve really concentrated on getting back to the basics to bust through this stalemate over the last week.  Therefore, all glory goes to God.  I’ve put in the footwork, but He’s blessed it because I’ve taken each step in faith–knowing there is something better for me on the other side of all of this.

When I started this whole deal, it was really just because I was cranky about my weight for the nine millionth time.  But I quickly realized all the other “weight” that I’m carrying that I have to get rid of too.  I’ve done a lot of crying at my desk lately.  God’s really been pushing me to look a lot of heavy stuff and be honest with myself about it.  It’s been some serious work to look at the muck and mire.  Just like weight loss, it won’t be conquered overnight…but I’m on the way.

I’ve come to find joy in the process.  I like organized routines, things that I can count on, specific ways of doing something.  Through my intentional time spent in God’s Word, devotionals, studies, reflection, and slowly opening up to others, I have found that I am enjoying the ride.  Instead of having tunnel-vision on the end result, I am rejoicing in the little victories and concentrating on the small goals–something that I haven’t done before.

So, for today, I choose joy.  There’s some circumstances around me that have my anxiety high that I need to deal with, but I choose joy.  I choose joy because God continues to bless me abundantly in the midst of it all. Amen!

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