Happy Birthday Heart and Sole!

Sole: Belonging only to the person or group specified; the part of an item of footwear on which the sole rests and upon which the wearer treads (Merriam-Webster)

“And you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your strength.” (Deuteronomy 6:5 NLT)

February 10, 2020, at 5am was the first day Heart and Sole Fitness & Wellness was open for my standing business hours–Monday through Saturday, 5am-7pm. It was the culmination of the scariest thing I had ever done–stepping out of the security and familiarity of a position that, through my own journey of personal wellness and growth, I came to realize the toxicity of it all and had built up the confidence to step into even greater alignment to serve and love others in the best way possible and leave behind what not longer served my spiritual walk, my health, my marriage, and more. Everything happens at the right time.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there’s not a single regret that we (my husband and I) have in regards to leaving our previous work and literally start over. But this post isn’t about that–this is the celebration of what Heart and Sole has accomplished and an anticipation of what’s ahead.

As I was getting some information ready for my accountant, I started pulling some other figures with the idea I was going to create and share this prettily packaged impact report as to the evolution of this business and what it has accomplished in two years…that might come eventually, but here’s the 30,000 foot view:

  • Over 1000 hours of 1:1 coaching (including personal training, nutrition counseling, and accountability coaching)
  • Over 600 group fitness classes taught
  • More than 75 webinars and virtual workshops taught
  • Close to 100 speaking engagements on various virtual and in-person platforms
  • A #1 international best-selling book
  • Writing a weekly health column in our local newspaper
  • Adding additional certifications to my resume since business inception including becoming a TRX suspension system instructor, SilverSneakers group fitness instructor, and SilverSneakers nutrition facilitator. Continuing in 2022 with Kundalini yoga and orthopedic exercise.
  • Creating a job for a local resident (besides myself)
  • Utilizing more than 40 small or locally-owned businesses within my community and more than 75 small businesses throughout the United States for vendor services, products, and other business needs (I can’t stress the ripple effect of small and local businesses utilizing small and/or local businesses)
  • Providing countless referrals to my network of vetted and trusted partners, affiliates, other health and wellness providers, and other businesses to meet someone’s need that wasn’t within my scope of practice (I’m not too proud to acknowledge I’m not everyone’s right fit)

These are well and good things, but the part that blows my mind is the transformation of my clients. Whether it’s people that have been here for just a season or those that have been here since the beginning and keep showing up, their results are why I get up in the morning and keep going. I can’t possibly put a value or a quantitative analysis on the impact of lives that I have touched through my work directly with an individual and the ripple effect that has on their own families, relationships, networks, and more.

Yes, Heart and Sole Fitness & Wellness is a business, it is how I contribute support to my family, but if there wasn’t transformations–if there wasn’t results–if there wasn’t growth, then it’s all for naught. This business was birthed out of my own personal wellness journey and the desire to empower others to find the same freedom and joy that I experience through accomplishing my goals that continue to grow, evolve and change. The business itself has had its own journey over the last two years. It looks very different, the offerings are 100% different, and how I show up in the world is absolutely not the same as it was on day 1, nor should it stay that way. My journey in this business growth has come through the same structure as my personal growth–by having the goals, systems, and accountability in place to keep moving forward a little bit each day.

There are more people than I could possibly begin to name that have been along for the ride–not only my absolutely incredible clients, but my family, friends, supporters, mentors, teachers, and even the haters. There’s nothing small about a small business–it takes a village. I get overwhelmed with my gratitude as I start naming names and calling out all that has come back around to me…thank you is never enough for all of the love and support that has been poured out.

As with all things, there are goals for Heart and Sole Fitness & Wellness. It will continue to grow and evolve over time to serve and empower in deeper ways. My commitment to my values of accessibility, adaptation, integrity, love, and compassion–those won’t waver. Two years has flown by in the blink of an eye; I wait with gratitude and anticipation for what the future holds.

By mere fact that you’re reading this, you’re a part of it all too. Thank you.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Heart and Sole Fitness & Wellness–here’s to many more!

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