What does the word influence or influencer bring to mind? For some it’s images of celebrities or Instagram stars–but as I’ve learned (through my own journey as an influencer *gasp*) it’s so much more than that.

I admit, I had a lot of hate around the influencer culture, and in some ways, I struggle with those that abuse and take their ability to influence others around them using their platforms (hence, influencer) to the extreme.

I am picky. I partner with a company that works with everyday influencers that have a passion for different things in life–whether it be beauty, music, technology, pets, business, whatever! The company vets the products and services that are pitched to their influencers for legitimacy, so that we aren’t getting scammed for our work. We also have choice in the matter. I never accept a pitch that doesn’t align with my personal beliefs, and my personal beliefs align with my business practices–so you know anything I’m sharing is filtered through my worldview and I wouldn’t be sharing it if I didn’t try it myself and stood behind it.

I’ve said no. I’ve had clothing companies send pitches that I’ve rejected because they aren’t inclusively sized. I have had other companies that market products that I don’t use because of other beliefs. I’m not the right person to share about those things, but there are people out there that are.

It’s not about having the biggest following, the most popular kid in school, the newest and flashiest out there–being an influencer is about being real, open, and honest about the products and services that benefit you and your life in a real way so that you can maybe make a difference others lives. If it is helping you, it can help someone else too. And what better way than to share it on social media? Isn’t that where all our friends and connections are? If we have found something that is helping us, isn’t it worth helping our friends and neighbors too? That’s influence! You get to be the conduit for bringing something new into someone’s life that they didn’t know was out there, saving them the time from searching it out–because you are their trusted source. If you’ve tried something, and they trust you, then they are ready to get what you’ve got too. Win-win all around!

You don’t have to be Kim Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow, or *insert male celebrity here* (shows how many I follow, lol), you just have to transparent and authentic with your networks and platforms that you’re on and the products and services you’ve tried. Get some help editing a blog post or shooting a video. Learn how to make some photo layouts or take some product pictures using your phone. You might be surprised how much you can do on your own without any experience just being uniquely you!

Have you thought about giving it a shot? Want to know more about my experiences and what’s involved? Reach out and let’s chat, or you can sign up for an affiliate account at Intellifluence today!

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