The 40 Before Fifty

Next weekend I turn 40 years old. No, it’s not old, but for many it tends to mark a milestone. To be quite honest, I don’t mind getting older–with age comes experience, and there’s something rewarding about having that experience acknowledged and valued–which hasn’t been the case until recent years. Along with getting older, I am probably one of the handful of people that enjoy looking older. I have always appeared younger than I am, and probably once a week or more, I’m still assumed to be in college/early 20s. This comment isn’t flattering, because the assumption is made on my age without knowing me, I am treated as a younger (read: inexperienced) individual before people learn about who I am, my knowledge, my experience, and what I bring to the table. Heck, I left my last table and started a whole new one! Also, I enjoy the “effects” of getting older–I think the silver strands that glitter in my hair that are now becoming grey and silver streaks are beautiful. (What can I say? Silver and natural red hair looks mighty good together, especially since embracing my curls! Thank you Curly Girl Method!)

As I approach my birthday, there isn’t a lot of fanfare or anything like that. No plans. Just as the last several years, it will be a day to relax and work at my leisure–especially since I’ve been able to structure the day that on Saturdays I send the car to work with my husband to keep myself focused on what I want to get done for the day, and since the majority of clients come to me, or are virtual, I can be a captive audience.

I got to thinking about the last decade of life, and how things have changed. I can tell you in complete confidence that I am happier, stronger, healthier, more confident, more engaged in my spiritual growth, and living in complete peace and joy–all things I wasn’t experiencing upon turning 30. Life is utterly different, and beyond comprehension better than I ever could have dreamed. If that much can change in a decade–especially in the last 7 years as I’ve focused on my holistic health and the last 18 months since our newest chapter–what does God have in store for the next 10 years? 20 years? 30+ years? It’s so exciting to me as to what can be next that I am overwhelmed with anticipation.

I’m not much of a bucket list gal, but you all know #igotgoals, and in this anticipation of what lies ahead, I’m making a list of the 40 things that I want to accomplish in my 40s–which will be from here on out, the #40beforefifty. All of these things are seemingly one-off events and activities, but they all require the systematic planning, action steps, and ultimately goal achievement to check them off the list. Some will take longer than others, but I’m here for the ride–and after the last several years, I know wholeheartedly that anything is possible. So, without further delay (and in no particular order)…

The #40beforefifty

  1. Complete an Ironman triathlon
  2. Conduct a Heart & Sole retreat at a minimum of 3 out-of-state locations
  3. Run a 100-mile ultra marathon
  4. Get a second vehicle so my husband has his own
  5. Purchase a brand-new vehicle
  6. Go to Mexico
  7. Go to Greece
  8. Go to Italy/Sicily
  9. Complete a cycling tour
  10. Write a book (my own book-yes, I am releasing one this fall with other co-authors)
  11. Create an online course
  12. Zero debt (with the exception of mortgage)
  13. Work 30 hours a week or less on direct client care (aka: building my trusted team to take care of everything else in my business so I can focus solely on clients)
  14. Renovate our kitchen
  15. Put in new flooring throughout the house
  16. Paint the outside of the house a different color
  17. Put in a solid wall in the backyard so we don’t have to see the neighbor’s yard
  18. Screen in the back patio and front porch sitting area
  19. Make the entryway to our home more accessible (railings and other ADA compliance to make in-person services here on site attainable for more individuals
  20. Complete a race (triathlon or running) on another continent
  21. Appear on a national television platform
  22. Give a Ted Talk
  23. Furnish our guest room
  24. Complete furnishing our master bedroom
  25. Provide my husband the garage of his dreams for his hobbies
  26. Go sky-diving
  27. Ride in a hot air balloon
  28. Go out for a day in a boat on the lake (yes, we’ve lived in Lake Havasu 7 years and have never been out on the lake, sans swimming from shore)
  29. Take a spa/girls trip in Sonoma County or other wine country area
  30. Take an Alaskan Cruise
  31. Go on an Israel study tour with our church with my husband
  32. Upgrade and expand the equipment in my gym
  33. Fund a mission trip through our church’s different mission ministries
  34. Create the ability/sustainability to take a trip to visit my family on the east coast annually
  35. Be president of our Kiwanis Club (slow your roll, nominating committee–not for a few years)
  36. Hold a local elected office (no, I won’t say which one I’m passionate for yet, but I know)
  37. Mentor a new-to-the-industry trainer under the Heart and Sole umbrella that encompasses my same values, philosophy, and HAES alignment
  38. Give a keynote lecture
  39. Publish in a reputable medical or mental health journal
  40. Renew our wedding vows in the dress of my dreams

Some may understand my desire for some of these goals/outcomes, some may not. That’s okay–they’re mine, not yours. In every single one of them there’s planning, intentional action, and goal achievement that comes in to play. When I look at this list in it’s entirety, it’s overwhelming–but I remind myself of the momentum of the last decade and how life is completely transformed, and remember that I have the ability to accomplish all 40 and more, but also stay grounded in daily living the life of my dreams that I already have today. Some items easier than others, but not a single one of these are unattainable. Like I mentioned above, anything is possible.

#igotgoals and will be unstoppable–stay tuned as I start to check off the #40beforefifty

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