Spicy Condiments to Make Your Snacks Better

Snacks are the best part of any workday.  They pull you away from the stress of your nine to five and give you something fun and tasty to focus on.  Although you could easily go for some yogurt or bagel bites, a real snack needs some strong flavor to boost your energy!  Spicy food has been seeing a massive surge in popular culture as more people are cooking from home than ever before- and because of this, even our snacks are kicking it up a notch.

Here are the top spicy condiments to boost the flavor of any food you could possibly eat!


This spicy red sauce has been enjoying a surge in popularity for the last ten years.  Based on a famous red Thai cooking sauce, it gets its heat from red jalapenos, which on their own aren’t that hot!  When mixed and fermented with vinegar and then condensed to a thick squeezable paste, the heat comes out to play!  This can be a delicious dipping sauce for any fresh-cut vegetables or even just drizzled on a little rice.

Jalapeno Pepper Jelly

Spicy and flavorful jelly has gained a cult following in the last couple of years, with people learning how to make their own and coveting whichever brands they do like buying from.  Jalapeno pepper jelly mingles sweet and savory flavors together into a perfect mixture that will wake you up and get you energized.  You can enjoy this spread on anything from crackers to sandwiches and even make it into a salad dressing by mixing it with vinegar or olive oil!  It’s incredibly versatile and packs a punch!


If you’re familiar with sriracha, it’s time to kick it up a notch with gochujang.  This sweet and spicy chili paste is everything that sriracha is: plus more.  The thicker consistency lends itself well to cooking, but it can also be used for anything from a dipping sauce to something you can scramble into an egg or some minced veggies.  The heat builds on you, and you’ll find yourself wanting to both eat more and also take a break for some water to quench the heat!

Banana Ketchup

This fun Philippine sauce is so much more than its name lets on.  Made with bananas, sugar, spices, and vinegar- it’s usually sold being no spicier than a banana is on its own.  Fortunately for anyone who can get to a good Asian market: there are tons of spicy varieties.  The spicy versions of this sauce are spunky and fun, and fabulous on anything you can eat!

Brown Mustard

Although this sauce isn’t new or thought to be as thrilling as its counterparts on this list, brown mustard packs a punch that shouldn’t be ignored!  Using brown mustard seeds as a base, and often containing the full seeds for texture, brown mustard keeps the original tangy flavor of the condiment while adding heat that can liven up any sandwich or soft pretzel.  You can buy, or make, variations with a smokier flavor or balance it out with yellow mustard for less heat: but it deserves a spot on this list for its longevity of use!

Which ones do you enjoy? Which ones are you going to branch out and try next?

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