Our Best Year Ever

I know…I know…not many people are saying 2020 is the best year ever–but I also know many that are. What’s the difference?


We can focus on the absolute sh*tstorm of “are you serious?!” moments that 2020 has brought about, or we can focus on the good things that have happened in our lives. I am not going to lie, 2020 has been EXTREMELY difficult on my husband and I with many hurdles that we have faced and overcome together, but it would have been even worse if we had chosen to stay stuck in the suck of each situation that has come along this year and not keep finding solutions and moving forward.

So here’s where 2020 started–

Our resignation as Salvation Army officers (pastors and business administrators), effective February 2020

One year ago today, on December 30, 2019, we submitted our resignation from a ministry and career we had dedicated our lives 24/7/365 for many years. This was a testament to God moving in our lives and affirming and confirming His will and changing our plans to HIS timing–in our original plan to resign, we had decided fall 2020 was the “right time,” then spring 2020–but once we started working out what we needed to do in order to start over in life, God flung every door open for us in short order. Finally, we couldn’t deny it and drag our feet in fear any more, and put the fleece out–we said once we had a home, we’d put in our resignation. We started looking for homes online, made a few phone calls, and in the end, only saw one in person–because It. Was. Perfect. The home we had chosen was in the perfect location, exactly what we were looking for in terms of the needs for running my business separate from our living spaces and appropriate for our family. The homeowners were our answer to prayer to work with and we are grateful for them. So, we got our house on December 29, 2019…submitted our resignation on December 30, 2019…purchased our car on December 31, 2019…started packing and winding up our ministry…and February 2, 2020 was the start of our new life. What we anticipated to take us a year took us six weeks. In hindsight, had we not been obedient in continuing forward in God’s timing, it likely wouldn’t have happened–with the pandemic, availability of housing in Havasu, and so many other things that occurred in 2020. Life lesson: It’s okay to leap before you look if you know Who’s holding the net.

Here’s the highlights of some of the amazing things that have happened this year (by no means an exhaustive list because I’m sure to forget plenty!):

  • Our marriage has improved
  • Family relationships have changed
  • We have become members at a Bible-based church that aligns with our values
  • I have become an elder in that church and joined the choir and hand bell choir
  • My dream is a reality–Heart and Sole Fitness & Wellness!
  • I am a part of a women’s entrepreneurial community where I have formed new friendships, collaborations, and relationships beyond my dreams
  • I have been able to invest time in friendships that I haven’t had time for previously
  • I have been able to be a part of organizations and groups that are important and meaningful to me, like our Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis, Ministerial Association, and others
  • I have accomplished so many goals in personal healing that I have set in for my emotional health
  • I am learning to speak up for myself, be visible, and not shrink back from the world because no one is waiting around the corner to admonish me for standing in the truth or speaking my opinion
  • I have the privilege and honor every single day to walk alongside others with compassion and love as they accomplish their goals–and may I never stop waking up in awe over the ability to do so

As I’ve been typing this, I have been listening to a wellness Facebook Live that is talking about doing the very thing I’ve been doing–the power of listing the wonderful things that have happened this year and making a gratitude list. Have you done that recently? I encourage you to try it–maybe list a few in the comments here, or if you’d rather keep them private, email me and share them so I can share in your joy! I’m going to keep thinking and come back and add more as they come to mind too!

Let’s make 2021 even BETTER!!!

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