Staying Focused

“It’s not about what the other guy is doing, it’s about your values and how that’s reflected in your service.”

I was filling out some information on a profile questionnaire last week and was asked for the best piece of business advice I’ve received. Well, that quote is it. It came from one of my closest and probably most trusted friends that I’m missing our almost daily interactions right now. Life and curve balls. Not a big fan. I’ve already got my big long list of things we have to get caught up on from the past few weeks. Anyway…stories for another day.

I’ve had a lot of negativity and the word “no” directed at me a lot lately. But as I started to really get run down and feeling defeated in this, I sat back the other day and had an epiphany as I let my (sometimes too smart for his own good) friend’s words roll around in my mind–while I received responses in the negative to requests to pursuits I had gone after in some different areas, I was starting to 1-blame myself for the response and/or 2-blame the other party that made the negative decision. There’s some big faulty logic there. And my defeat and bitterness was showing, even if only in my mind, toward those that perhaps had received a different outcome in the same/similar situations.

In the end, there’s no blame to be had. As I broke down the situations that were weighing on me the most, being told no was probably a blessing. I would’ve been tied into things that would’ve taken time, made me be more cognizant of how I interact in particular circles, and possibly limit my scope of service in ways that I’m not comfortable with considering. I felt so much freer once I came to this realization–especially in limiting the freedoms of my words and practices–one of the main reasons I choose to operate my own business.

I was transported right back to the countless conversations my friend and I have had whether sitting in our offices or out on bikes about the foundational principles in which to run a business, navigating it successfully from a biblical worldview, and how to stay the course when it gets hard–and it gets hard. But there’s always people that have your back.

I couldn’t see that last part until I stopped looking at the negatives though. Once I was able to see the negatives really weren’t negatives, then it was time for action. Next steps.

I’ve made some pretty bold moves in the last few weeks. Uncharacteristic ones. But they’re paying off quickly. I wish I could freeze time for a little bit to catch my breath to process and understand it all, but I just keep moving forward–and staying focused. I’m physically and mentally tired–I can’t begin to express the laundry list of what I have been through with family and friends over the last several months (oh yeah, let’s throw a pandemic into the mix for kicks and giggles too), but one step at a time, I’ve got this. I’ve got this–because God’s got me, and His plan is set.

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