You’re a WHAT?!

I’m a HAES Registered Professional.

I am a Health At Every Size (TM) Registered Professional.

Some time ago, I, along with over 16K and counting professionals across a spectrum of fields took a pledge to uphold the following components within our business practices:

Now, why is this important? Um…have you met me?! (In case you haven’t, you really should.)

The very core of my business is to break down the barriers–ANY barriers–that stand in place of someone achieving their goals. We are all unique being with unique challenges, lives, stories, experiences, desires, and “whys,” and there is nothing on God’s green earth that can stand in the way of a determined person. Except ourselves.

I’ve seen in my own journey at different what seemed to be the brick walls of “you can’t” and “you won’t” and had opportunities robbed of me of size, gender, knowledge, rural living, access to services, access to medical care, and even things as small as the ability to obtain appropriate clothing due to size. No more.

I’ve done the homework in my life, lots of it over the years, and I REFUSE to let anyone not reach their goals–whatever they may be, fitness, nutrition, or otherwise–because they come up against something that seems to them to be insurmountable. Nothing is impossible.

My job is to come alongside a client, look at their goals–what it is that they want to achieve, break it down to the action steps to get there, make sure the resources are available that they need for success, and keep them accountable and encouraged to reach their potential while showing them what they thought was a just a pipe dream full of stumbling blocks can actually be a lived reality. Our dreams don’t have to be “somedays,” they can be now. So, let’s do it!

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