I have a Specialized bikes poster on my office wall that a friend gave me shortly after I got my bike that always seems to catch my eye when I’m dying another death standing at the scanner wasting my life away–it’s not necessarily the strong women cresting a climb on great bikes that draws my gaze, but the collection of words that sets my mind in motion.

Every time I set my eyes on this poster, my mind seems to come away with a different thought, inspiration, or motivation that gets my wheels turning.  Yeah, we all know that can lead to trouble–HA!

In an effort to calm some of the stressors of my day, actually take a conscious break during the day at some point instead of plowing through (unless I actually go out to lunch with someone or have a lunch meeting, I continue working straight through the day–poor habit), and work on some recovery and flexibility more consistently, my coach and I have agreed to add in some short midday yoga.  This gives me a chance to close my office door (gasp!) and have 15 minutes of uninterrupted time to focus on my body, how it feels, and moving it in ways that feels good and to make it feel better.

Yesterday as I was doing “Yoga in Couchlandria” (gotta love The Sufferfest), I gazed up at that poster from my position on the floor (yes, you can do yoga on the floor in dress pants!), and what jumped out at me from that poster on the wall was the word YET.


I don’t why this word took my breath away.  No, I’m not being dramatic, like, literally took my breath away.  I had to sit there for a second and bring my wits about it, wrap it up in a pretty package, store it away, so I could unpack it later.  I’ve sat with this a bit and while initially it was a disconcerting idea, I kind of like this little three letter cheerleader.

As a conjunction, the word “yet” means “but nevertheless.”

In other less tactful terms, “haters, pull up a chair and get comfy–I’m not finished.” (But since y’all know me, you there’s a timeline 😉 duh!)

It’s been a roller coaster few months with so much more than I publicize on social media personally and professionally.  Don’t believe your perceptions either…not 100% of my social media, strava, or garmin is completely public either.  Filters exist for a reason and I’m happy to chat about those various reasons at any time–I’m completely open about it, 99% of the time it’s simply out of self preservation from the keyboard warriors I have zero tolerance for (and in the case of strava and garmin, I don’t post 100% of my workouts because they are not my creation.  Buy a training plan, get a coach, or create your own).  Life happens in the midst of our best laid plans and we roll with it.  The things I can control, great, do it.  The things I can’t, adapt and conquer.  I’ve got finish lines to hit, baby!  LV tri 70.3, Goldilocks 100 both this fall…oh, and Oceanside 2020 is locked in–I’ve got unfinished business with that red carpet.  The rest of 2020 is going to be pretty epic too…there’s going to be two more jaw-droppers in there too, still working the logistics out there before I post the race schedule–stay tuned!



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