A New Day

And it so happens to be New Year’s Day.  It’s been a good day–slept in until 8:30am (I know, that’s like sleeping the day away for me since I get up at 4am!), went for a phenomenal short run where I smashed some PRs showing me that I do have the potential for improvement to reach some of my crazy goals for this year, went out for a quick meal with the hubby, and now I’m just catching up on laundry and getting ready for the week ahead.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve got a lot of goals that are always in play, so the need for resolutions is moot.  My physical goals are quite real–I’m just over sixty days away from my first full marathon.  I have five big races for 2018 (was six, but Ragnar is back on the bucket list, boo!  We didn’t fill our van from dropouts by the deadline, but I’m going to volunteer at Oceanside 70.3 instead that weekend.)…there may be one or two smaller ones in there.  We’ll see… I have other physical goals too from some of the studying that I’ve been doing in training, as well as several mental and spiritual goals too.  It’s going to be a big year.

It’s been a rough few weeks and there’s been so much doubt, discouragement, frustration, and ugly that I’m not going to elaborate on here that has been stacking on my shoulders.  It’s not really over, but it will get better, one way or another.  God’s got it handled.  Just keep moving forward.  Yesterday in church we spent some time in reflection–looking at the previous year, spending some time considering our intentions for the year ahead, and my husband preached a sermon that really hit me in the gut on finding peace in the midst of where God has us and pushing forward. Good stuff.

I may have my goals and intentions, but God’s in control.  It’s been a wild ride this last almost three years on this journey, I can’t wait to see what’s up next.  I would imagine this year also would include hitting 200lbs (maybe 250?) down, and some growth and development in other ways I can’t even possibly even imagine yet.   There will be more updates, more twists and turns….I’ve got ideas. Stay tuned, it should be interesting.


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