The Things You Want To Say

The number one question my husband and I get from people regarding our individual wellness journeys is along the lines of “how are you doing it?”  It’s usually quickly followed by some form of “wow, that’s a lot of work,” “that seems so hard,”  and my all-time favorite, “I wish I could do that.”

Well, since I’m not an outwardly snarky person to people’s faces (most of the time), I generally won’t respond with what I’m really thinking…but let’s get a little blunt and lay it out here this morning and play a round of the meme game:

Wow, that’s a lot of work…

priorityYeah, being healthy is a lot of flippin’ work.  You know what else is a lot of work?  Being completely miserable.  I spend more time in active activities now than I used to, but (no pun intended) I also run circles around my former self and participate in life more.  I am more active in my holistic health, my relationships, my ministry, my community,  and my commitments.  I have the same 24 hours as everyone else, but my priorities have changed from sitting on my butt throwing a personal pity party to doing something about it and participating in my own life and health.  My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit…God wants to use me now for His purpose, not when I get around to fitting Him in to my schedule.  If I’m God’s handiwork, what kind of picture am I painting of His great and glorious creation sitting around like a bump on a log committing slow suicide?  Yikes.  The work just *might* be worth it when you think about it from another vantage point…I like this meme…try rewording things.

That seems so hard…

fat-is-hardI used to not want to go anywhere or do anything because that meant I would have to move and exert energy.  In some cases, that included even the monumental task of putting on shoes!  It was really hard being as large as I was and the amount of effort it took to simply exist.  Losing weight is no picnic.  I track every bite that I consume.  Yeah, I eat treats and for the most part eat what I please within reason.  I also eat well, practice portion control, exercise, read and research, remain accountable, and participate in my holistic health in a whole host of ways.  It’s not easy–it takes intentional effort, but I’ll tell you what, the hard days being healthier sure as heck beat the hard days beating myself up being absolutely miserable in the prison of my own making.

I wish I could do that…

wishWell, why the heck not?  You can wish all you want.  Sorry to break it to you, fairy godmothers only exist in fairy tales…believe me, I waited around far too long for one to come along for me.  Stop making excuses.  Excuses will always be there…money, kids, aches and pains…I can list things all day long.  Only you can decide when enough is enough, I don’t know what your breaking point will be, but I hope you reach it sooner than later.  You don’t have to wish…you can do.  Just start somewhere.  It doesn’t have to be big.  It doesn’t have to be grand.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  You just have to do something!

Everyone has their reasons on why they want to change or do or be in life…my husband and I embarked on our separate wellness journeys at similar times.  I’ve talked about my reasons and pursuit of holiness, and for my husband it’s more of a straight health pursuit in not being a slave to the insulin syringe.  In our work we hear a lot of excuses…I can’t do this, I can’t do that…and at the end of the day, all of it is just that–excuses.  We can only push people and encourage folks so far, there’s a polite line that we can’t exactly cross and tell it to people like it is…some days you have to (in love), but most days you walk alongside and help people discover their own excuses for what they are themselves and let the Holy Spirit do the job of convicting.  That’s the tough part to sit back and let God work…but He’s working in my life in amazing ways, I know he’ll do amazing things in yours if you ask Him (and then let Him!).

So…let’s cut the niceties just for today and lay it out there–whatever it is that you’re facing…wellness/weight loss/eating–pull down the façade, lose the lies you’re telling yourself, drop the excuses, and do something.  Get over yourself.  You’re never alone–God’s with you, I’m with you too–let’s party!

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