The Party’s Just Begun

I hit 100 pounds down yesterday!!!

And after floating on a cloud yesterday, it’s back to reality today.  And I had a big reality check hit me in the middle of Zumba class this morning…

…now is when the real work starts.  The party just got started!

Let’s be honest. 50 weeks is a FAST amount of time for someone to drop 100lbs. 2 pounds a week average is the high end of the recommended loss by physicians, most say to expect 1/2-1 pound loss a week.  I knew because of the quantity of weight I have to lose, that the first chunk would come off quickly, but that things would start to slow down as I approach a smaller size.  I’ve seen some indications of this starting to happen, my plateaus seem to be stretching a bit further and it’s taking a lot more strict discipline for that needle on the scale to move.  That’s okay though.  My journey isn’t dictated by the scale, it’s just one measuring stick.  My other measuring sticks in the areas of emotional and spiritual health are still blowing me away too!

Can we also celebrate one more victory?  I’ve said it before that the BMI scale is highly flawed logic (I won’t elaborate why right now), but again, another measuring stick–I have dropped from the “super morbidly obese” category to “morbidly obese” category of size on the BMI charts.  So, basically, I’m not circus freak fat anymore, I’m just really fat.  (That’s a joke…a bad one, but it’s my attempt at laughing at myself)  Can’t wait to drop that “morbid” part…a couple more milestones still to hit to drop that nasty word.

Now is not the time to fall into rote routine like I talked about a couple posts ago, now is the time to keep intentional disciplined efforts on the forefront.  Continued progress only comes from continued forward momentum.  I must continue to eat well and exercise.  I must wake up each day and commit my day to God.  I must go to bed each night and give an account to God of my actions through the day.  Praise where praise is due, ask for forgiveness, and ask for the knowledge and wisdom to not make the same mistakes again.  I must make scheduled time for my responsibilities, for exercise and preparing healthy food, for personal emotional and spiritual development, and time for fellowship among like-minded people.  “I must” is not a bad thing…yes, we all can fall into the I couldda, shouldda, wouldda’s, but “I must” to me is a definitive statement of what I believe is expected of me at this time to live according to God’s will.  My “musts” are different than everyone else’s and everyone else’s are different than everyone else’s (know what I mean?).  We’re all unique, and God has different plans for all of us at any given point in time, and they change over time too.

So, while I still bask in the excitement of reaching a big milestone, I look at the road ahead too–not to overwhelm myself with the road that still needs to be trod, but in making sure I’ve got clear directions on where I’m heading so I’m not aimlessly wandering down the street.  My next milestone I’m reaching for is a smaller one, just another 30lbs.  More on the significance of that later.  Time for me to continue to be blessed today!

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