Well, a new blog platform calls for a new blog post. I’m not a WordPress fan, but now that I discovered they have an app I can blog from, they scored a few points. 

Officially today I am 35 pounds down on this journey.  This brings me to my first milestone. Basically it means to me that I’m not “too fat” for a particular item anymore. That feels pretty darn good. Finally, something of tangible value!

I still don’t see changes, I still don’t feel any different, and my clothes don’t fit any different…but to fit into the weight capacity of something feels good. I feel a little less like a freak of nature. 

Today my husband and I joined a gym. It’s simply too hot here on the face of the sun to go out walking whenever we please, plus I like having the accountability of paying for it–then I’ll use it. I just have to get my back a little better to get to start using it for more than the stretching classes.

Update on the back: waiting to have some more tests done when we go to Las Vegas later this week to teach some classes on Friday/Saturday.  Starting physical therapy and pain management in the meantime. Pain management is starting to work, I can sit up longer and walk at almost normal speed, but standing in one place and bending are still tough. This (excellent) new doctor I saw thinks that in addition to the herniated disc, I probably have arthritis too, so the tests will confirm that and we’ll get a course of treatment figured out later this month. 

Taking some strides in the emotional and spiritual realms of my journey too.  At our community Christian weight loss support group last week, I was asked to lead us through a 12-week study starting in May. I’m excited for that. I just got all the leader materials and my workbooks last week and can’t wait to dig in. Also, tonight my husband and I and some members of our church are going to begin attending Celebrate Recovery–a Christian 12-step program. Somewhere I definitely belong. 

All-in-all, things are getting better and going well. I’m feeling more hopeful.  Change is a process and not an overnight fix…that I have to constantly remind myself. I’m not on this road to get skinny, I’m here to be the best version of me–the one that God created me to be. There’s going to be good days and bad days, and setbacks along the way. 

I’m not walking away. Not this time. 

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