Sites I Recommend

Strava is an excellent site to keep your training data in one place–it syncs with a lot of various fitness trackers, GPS watches, Garmins, and other devices to upload data to the site or app.  You can follow friends, comment/give kudos (similar to a Facebook “like”), and join clubs to follow more people with similar interests and training goals.  There is an awesome route builder on the website that I love.  There is a free version with a ton of features, and a premium version as well (that I can’t comment on because I don’t use it–I’m content with the boatload of stuff available for free from Strava!)

Food tracking is so important.  It helps you to identify trends and habits in your eating and look at your overall nutrition picture.  MyFitnessPal has truly been one of the keys to my success in making sure I journal everything that I eat, every single day.  There is a free version of the site and app, but I am a premium user of this service.  I have chosen to upgrade this service because of my personal goals in how I prefer to track my food, see the data, and how my food consumption relates to my training schedule–I have very individualized daily goals that weren’t amenable to the free version.  Upgrading also provides a greater level of customer service, less ads, and some more flexibility in viewing even more nutrition data.  It’s money well spent.