Group Coaching and Other Services

The road to whole health and wellness is not just exercise and a balanced diet, it’s experiencing life fully.  For many of us, there’s a disconnect somewhere in our physical, emotional, and/or spiritual life that is out of balance or neglected.  Sometimes we just need a nudge in the right direction or a peek into the areas we haven’t explored to find that right place of equilibrium to thrive in our everyday lives. Contact Stephanie at 602-621-3392 or for more information!

Mindful Momentum Group Coaching Program

This is an exciting new monthly subscription program for people that thrive in a group atmosphere and work well with ongoing support and encouragement for their individual fitness, nutrition, and/or wellness goals. The Mindful Momentum Group Coaching Program includes:

  • 1:1 45-minute in-person or virtual session with Stephanie Lueras to discuss your needs and goals
  • Weekly 30-minute coaching sessions via zoom to check in and provide extra support around your goals OR unlimited support via Voxer or Marco Polo during Heart and Sole’s business hours
  • 2 New body positive workouts weekly (live or recorded) and access to previous workouts
  • Access to a private Facebook community for ongoing support, encouragement, engagement by your fellow group, have concerns and questions addressed by Stephanie, and special guest appearances by health, wellness, fitness, and lifestyle experts to boost your individual journey
  • 25% off published prices/sessions and 20% off custom packages for 1:1 services for contracts started during the duration of membership if those services are desired
  • Discounts or free admission to workshops and events hosted by Heart and Sole Fitness & Wellness
  • Quarterly 1:1 session with Stephanie Lueras to upgrade/update goals

This group coaching program is valued at over $500/mo (plus hundreds more when you add in the community engagement and the discounts for 1:1 services), all available to you for ONLY $247/MONTH!!! (quarterly and annual full pay discounts available!) To sign-up for this group coaching program, schedule your initial 1:1 session with Stephanie Lueras today by clicking the image or go to:

Multiple Month Registration (1/2/3/6 Month):

Change The Plan, Never The Goal Free Webinar

  • Not sure where to dive in with Heart and Sole Fitness & Wellness? Check out this free webinar every Monday (times vary by month, click on image to go to scheduler to see other times) where we look at the practical ways to pivot your action steps to reach your goals in a manageable way and how to overcome unforeseen barriers that pop up along the way. Click on the image or go to to register

Accountability counseling:

  • Beyond exercise and nutrition, how ordered is your life?  Are you setting goals or feeling like you’re spinning your wheels?  Make a plan and get some traction on some of the tough stuff you’re struggling with.  30 minute sessions-$25, discounts offered when combined with other packages

Book Clubs:

  • Love to read?  Love self improvement?  Love to just talk?  Get a small group together and let Stephanie guide you through the important themes to be learned (and maybe we’ll glean some new ones) from these great books/studies: *list coming soon!

*Prices determined by size of group and cost of study materials, individual study available

Contact Stephanie at 602-621-3392 or for more information!